Need help with, essentials signs.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by moneyboybro, May 18, 2015.

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    Hey my name is MoneyBoyBro (Money for short). o/

    I need help with essentials signs, players can't right-click them nothing pops-up if an error message popped up I would know wow to fix it. I also gave them all the permission, I even tried Server Signs, I made a sign then added the command
    ex: /svs add warp trading.
    Operators can click the signs, but User's can't. This is also with anvils, Ender-chest.
    I made the world-guard region so there allowed to 'interact' or 'use':
    /rg flag __global__ interact allow
    /rg flag __global__ use allow
    FYI: I enabled the signs in essentials there blue.

    My "User" Rank permissions: Link

    I think it's 1.8 spigot I'm using that's causing the effect.

    Please, and thank you :)
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    1) you are using the "TeamVelocity" version of essentials req'd for spigot, and not a 2.##.# version ?
    2) worldguard may not be your only region-protection system
    3) Are you working on signs quite some distance from the spawn, because there is an op-only spawn protection region surrounding spawn by default, highest-order of priority over all other control plugins (no matter what you flag regions, if you're not op, you're not using /breaking/placing in that space)
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    If the signs are near spawn, try going to and changing spawn-protection to 0 and let me know if that works.
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