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    Is there an easy way to create a bukkit plugin other than using eclipse? If so, could you tell me? If there isn't, can you post some helpful tutorials.
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    tha d0ctor

    I use spring source, its better than eclipse IMO because it has stuff like maven built it, free too!

    I wish I could help you more but Im only at the point where I can look at people's plugin and kinda see whats going on and edit a few minor things
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    Thank you, but can you answer my question?
    (EDIT: Sorry, I thought you posted something else. Thanks anyways! Could you reccomend someone? Also, can I be whitelisted for your server? Username: Rainfur)

    Sorry for double posting, but could you help me with SpringSource?

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    fregaPT I steal plugins as my own

    Hey there @Rainfur
    I don't really like SpringSource
    I tried it out months ago,
    and I truely prefer Eclipse
    Yoou have to spend time learning how to use eclipse
    And then you get to the point where you are known by the community
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    fregaPT I steal plugins as my own

    I will check out that post and tell him if that will help! :D
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    Thanks! But now I have another question. How do you program in java? Sorry if I am getting annoying....
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    fregaPT I steal plugins as my own

    that question my friend is very hard to tell .. LOL
    I know how-to but dont know how to explain it in words
    Google it and there will be million of sites with that info!
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    But why do you perfer Eclipse?

    (EDIT: I'm at the point where i can look at a plugin and change a few things. Long way to go.;))
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    What IDE you use is completely up to you - it wont (majorly) change anything in your project and it is really just a matter of is java regardless of if youre using eclipse, netbeans, springsource, or any other IDE
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    Oh... Ok thanks!
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    Notepad ++
    Ahem.. *Cough* *Cough* ECLIPSE!
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    I think i will stick with eclipse.....
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    Meet in the middle? Netbeans is all I used. When I first started with bukkit plugins I thought u had to use eclipse, I almost died. Netbeans is a lot better for me. =)
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    You can also use Netbeans IDE
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