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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by adam24786, Dec 1, 2014.

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    I am running a minecraft server, and I am trying to sell spawners in a skyblock shop. I found a way to obtain any spawner type with /give adam24786 52 51, that would give me a skeleton spawner, /give adam24786 52 50 would give me a creeper, there are those for every type. The problem is, I set up a sell sign, and set it up like this
    52 51
    and it claims that it is an unknown item. Please tell me if there is a way to sell any spawner type in a sign shop, I have seen it before, didn't pay much attention to the sign though.
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    no it isn't i just figured it out.
    that is what I did, it worked, so may this help other server owners in the future
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    Make sure you had the colon.
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    yeah, well, I have no clue why people say an so many forums "its impossible" because it's actually really easy, here's all the mobs for people to look at later
    Creeper 52:50

    Skeleton 52:51

    Spider 52:52

    Zombie 52:54

    Slime 52:55

    Ghast 52:56

    Zombie Pigmen 52:57

    Enderman 52:58

    Cave Spider 52:59

    Silverfish 52:60

    Blaze 52:61

    Magma Cube 52:62

    Ender Dragon 52:63

    Wither Boss 52:4

    Bat 5:65

    Witch 52:66

    Pig 52 or 52:90

    Sheep /give @p 52:91

    Cow 52:92

    Chicken 52:93

    Squid 52:94

    Wolf 52:95

    Mooshroom Cow 52:96

    Snow Golem/Snow Man 52:97

    Ocelot 52:98

    Iron Golem 52:99

    Horse 52:100
    these are copy and pasted, so I just changed it, it would be, for example, Horse /give @p 52 1 100, So I changed it so it wasn't the command but the item id itself. Use this for your server if you have one and need a shop. Also, when you give yourself a spawner, if it isn't pig, it will look like a purple-black checkered block.
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    iAmSkizzle, well, that requires more work, plus, you can't use that spawner to make a buy sign, in this case, it makes things easier, I saw silk spawners and decided it wasn't worth it, I could probably find another way, and I did.
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