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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by pwb, Apr 14, 2012.

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    Hi, i have a new server, and one of the users did make something that made the server lag extrem. Its a fast server with a realy fast RAID 10 and a 3ware controller, 8G memory Windows7 64-bit and 6-7 users. Everything has been fine until someone did something wrong, now its using all the CPU and i did tried it on a new Xeon server with 16GB memory and it still got slow TPS and lag. The error
    Can't keep up! Did the system time change, or is the server overloaded
    is showing every 5-10 seconds. Is there something or some plugin to see what takes cpu inside a world?

    I installed this last day, so its all latest bukkit and plugins.

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    Post your entire server.log file (upload to pastebin, post the link here) and a list of *all* your plugins ( run the 'plugins' command in console and copy the output)

    + the full version string (output of 'version' console command)
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    17:47:42 [INFO] This server is running CraftBukkit version git-Bukkit-1.2.5-R1.0-b2149jnks (MC: 1.2.5) (Implementing API version 1.2.5-R1.0)

    17:48:08 [INFO] Plugins (6): LagMeter, iSafe, WorldEdit, WorldGuard, PlgSetspawn, PermissionsBukkit

    I have disabled/removed all plugins, still slow/lag
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    Nathan C

    Xeon CPU............which model? It could be based off the Pentium 4 architecture for all we know.

    Although the answer is simple......... your CPU is too slow. Upgrade it.
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    A build (I think it is 2126) of CraftBukkit which fixes entity clipping issues in quite a hacky way will cause much more CPU load than previous versions of craftbukkit - which your setup now seems unable to handle.
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    he he he. NO, its not slow CPU. Its something in the world/map thats making the lag. The CPU is Xeon E31230 3.20GHz total of 8 cores
    The TPS is under 3 with 0 -Zero- users.
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    What do you mean by TPS?

    Also, install the Essentials plugin and run the ' gc ' command in the console + post the full output here.
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    18:23:16 [INFO] Maximum memory: 5,723 MB
    18:23:16 [INFO] Allocated memory: 1,627 MB
    18:23:16 [INFO] Free memory: 1,423 MB
    18:23:16 [INFO] World "verden-2": 625chunks,11028entities
    18:23:16 [INFO] Nether "verden-2_nether": 625chunks,89entities
    18:23:16 [INFO] World "verden-2_the_end": 625chunks,25entities
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    11,000 entities?!

    Type " /world verden-2 " to go to that world
    Type " /remove minecart 20000 " to remove all minecart entities
    Type " /remove boat 20000 " to remove all boats
    Type " /butcher 20000 " to kill all mobs.
    Type " /remove items 20000 " to remove all items on the ground

    Those commands might take a while with such a large radius, should they crash your server - reduce the radius to 10000

    Then re-post the output of the " gc " command
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    Its rainig ladder, is it possible to remove the raining ladders?
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    Use the /remove items command I mentioned above while in that world.
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    19:19:00 [INFO] Maximum memory: 5,723 MB
    19:19:00 [INFO] Allocated memory: 1,627 MB
    19:19:00 [INFO] Free memory: 1,370 MB
    19:19:00 [INFO] World "verden-2": 667chunks,185entities
    19:19:00 [INFO] Nether "verden-2_nether": 625chunks,89entities
    19:19:00 [INFO] World "verden-2_the_end": 625chunks,25entities

    Is it possible to set a item limit? I see that raining ladders could be haevy for the CPU ;-)
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    Did that fix your lag issue? And I think the NoLagg plugin by bergerkiller (I'm not sure if he still maintains it) buffers items to prevent that problem.
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    yes, the /remove items 20000 fixed the lag, it removed the raining ladders.
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    Since your issue in the Bukkit Help forum is resolved, please change the prefix of your topic title to Solved by going to Thread Tools then 'Edit Thread'
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    -Allows you to limit items
    -Stacks items, to reduce CPU load
    -/nolagg clear to remove all entities
    Consider installing it.
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    Yes, i have done that. Not sure if it works 100%, its not for the latest release of bukkit, but i give it a try
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    I would avoid using it if it hasn't been updated ( bergerkiller - clarify? ) as it could possibly mess up your world.
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    andrewpo nah it's safe to use for 1.2.5 R1.0. Install the examine component and examine the server. From the generated log you can easily see what plugin is taking up all the tick times in the graph.

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    lmao what was causing this ?

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    one user had it to rain ladder (the things you climbs in), he dont know how, but in some way he made it rain ladders insted of water/snow.
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