need help setting groups and permissions

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by pwb, Apr 24, 2012.

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    Hi, need help setting permissions and groups, is there som standard info somwhere about what to use on a server, how many groups and permissions on different plugins?
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    Shall i make someone for you? :) just write what groups you want and what color you want them to be each.
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    that has to be to god to be true?
    I need a copy of a well function permission list that some use on there server. I think of 3-4 groups, admin, moderator, user and default.

    I have this plugin, but if someone has god permission list that has other plugins its okey, i only need someone to look at to make my own.

    Admin has all permissions, is that okey?
    Moderators har same as users, but could ban and kick, set regions to users
    Users has same as default, but can build on his own region, can sell/buy, can build on it own region
    Defult can play?

    Should all use /spawn? What does other do on there servers?
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    Don't take this the wrong way but if you don't know how to do things like this, you really shouldn't run a server. Asking for help is more than fine but, getting somebody to type you out new permissions, asking what commands and permissions your server should have is just a bit...wierd
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    i dont ask to type out permissions, i can type permissions in without any problem. I want to know what other give as permissions and what groups they use, to get some hint to make a well function permissions list. Its like, what group is getting essentials.nick, i can give that to all groups, but what do you do? only admins or? How high up before region define, users, moderators or admin? I have controll over all the different permissions for the different plugins, thats not the problem. And what about things like creative mode, should everybody have the possibility to be creative, should a creative user have the possibility to give a none creative user items etc. What do you people do?
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    What colors do you want? and do you have essentials Groupmanager?

    and group bridge?

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    i dont use essentials group manager or group bridge, i use pbermissions and notepad. But thanx, on the group manager website its info on what different groups should be able to do.
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