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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by emericask8ur, Aug 8, 2011.

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    My father too, we own a Company

    You on the latest build?

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  2. actually i made a mistake (i forgot to put the server log into the comment ...) it's solved now
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    Is it possible to install Bukkit on a server? The server was made a while ago, but I want to get more commands.
    I've seen videos of people installing it, but most of them look like they installed it before they created the server.
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    anyone know what's wrong and how to fix all my lost blocks? for example my white wood is gone and isn't spawnable but i can still go out and gather it and then use it, i've tried and starting everything from scratch but nothing, works as intended on singleplayer thou but not on my server, i tried without plugins and addons and everything, stil the same.
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    Yes I do have the latest build.
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    Sometimes people lag out it's normal
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    Liam Allan

    I'm afraid this is untrue. Hacker's have more of a change because your leaving a window open. Meaning they have a way to get in . . . .
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    But sometimes they have to put it down to make a server. A lot of people did it
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    what is this error? (read from bottom up)

    18.08 21:01:42 [Server] SEVERE     at
    18.08 21:01:42 [Server] SEVERE     at Source)
    18.08 21:01:42 [Server] SEVERE     at Source)
    18.08 21:01:42 [Server] SEVERE     at Source)
    18.08 21:01:42 [Server] SEVERE     at Source)
    18.08 21:01:42 [Server] SEVERE     at Source)
    18.08 21:01:42 [Server] SEVERE     at Method)
    18.08 21:01:42 [Server] SEVERE Connection reset by peer: socket write error
    18.08 21:01:42 [Server] SEVERE     at
    18.08 21:01:42 [Server] SEVERE     at Source)
    18.08 21:01:42 [Server] SEVERE     at Source)
    18.08 21:01:42 [Server] SEVERE     at Source)
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    Hello , i see that ure helpful so ive got 2 questions ;D
    Is this possible to add time to chat?
    Is this possible to add smth like SDK guns mod to bukkit server ? And if yes then how to install it ?:D
    *Bukkit server ver. 1060*
    I wanted to play with guns and multiwolrd ( like here we got medieval age and in another world modern one)
    by the way ..... is this possible to change textures when entering another world :p.......?
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    to answer your question about the SDK gun mod, no, you can't install it on a bukkit server.
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    How about a new normal server?
    Is this possible?;d
    And the rest of question ^^...?
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    you CAN install SDK gun mod on a normal vanilla server but everyone that logs in has to have it installed client side or they won't be able to enter the server. For your question about time, Im sure theres a plugin for that.
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    I know theres many plugins to add chat in time but i never use it so i dont know but i know theres a plugin, and the other thing i know theres SP mods like that but im not sure if anyone has mad a plugin like that b4, Might want to ask some of the top devs on Bukkit, Ask captainawesome
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    can anybody help me ? i hate to repost but ive been searching the net for weeks and i still cant solve this problem
    (recap : ive started a server , portforwared and everything but others cant connect to my server even though i can connect using my external ip)
    any help would be greatly appreciaed
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    What are the permission permissions for the give, ban, kick and the other console commands?
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    Use mcbans and there's a node for that
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    Is this possible to change "/help" command list? I would like to write there all of the useful commands for players (from installed plugins).
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    I never knew how either , theres plugins out there that do that though. My plugins never did that so, if your seem to not find it go to Ip- then in the game type /plugins and see if you can find it cause i know they have it
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    You people are just amazing ^^......
    ehh .. but hey ive got another question :p! Hope youre not bored :DD
    Actually i wanted to ask about... Sounds.... exactly what i want to know is "How i could place music ... in specific areas, like in marketplace ,castle or another world" Ive seen a spout plugin on forum but i have no idea how to use it lol. Before i remember that i used Custom Music mod but it was also a clientside mod.

    So.... any ideas what could help?
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    It is a client mod which is a spout now but I never used cutstom music yet
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    So i have a lil issue, I run a windows 7 machine at home and access a FreeBSD server with an ssh program. I want to start modding the server and am not sure which CraftBukkit to download, since the machine the actual server runs on is Linux and my control machine is Windows. I apologize if this has been covered somewhere, I had trouble finding an appropriate thread. Just need a little start and I can get moving on my own afterward. Thanks.
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    Hey guys is there any plugin that could actually change selected glowstones into lamps ? (like i can turn them only by switching a button/lever/step connected by redstone) Example: they're glass without power and with power they are glowstone :p....
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    guys im haveing problems with essentials commands and group manager. I use McMyAdmin and iv set groupmanager up with premissions exporting and i have essentials aswell, i want to give one group the /who and /tpa commands so i add essentials.who essentials.tpa essentials.tpaaccept essentials.tpadeny premissions but the users still cant do those commands? any idea why?
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    hellow again, when I type /help in my server, is says:

    error: null

    I have putted the essentials config.yml in the online yaml-parser, and there were no errors... What did i do wrong?
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    my server that im an admin on just closed down so im working with a friend to recreate it. thing is on that server whenever somebody new joined they had the prefix [Guest] but i can only get it to say [default] do you know how i can get it to say [Guest]? thanks in advance
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    I own a fully updated (bukkit 1060) bukkit server. I have port forwarded correctly and I am running Windows 7 32 bit with duel core processor. My problem is basically when my friends join on the server. They randomly disconnect. Theres no signs or anything to tell them they just disconnect and this is the error they get:

    Internal exception: Bad compressed data format

    Here are all my plugins-

    And before you say "update spout" That's already done and my friends are still getting that error. I've been searching around for days and it seems no one has a solution. Oh, and btw, my friends are disconnecting, not me. I'm fine.
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    where can i find a plugin that if poeple destroy me blocks that that block comes back?
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