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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Thieves, Aug 6, 2011.

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  1. I recently tried a bit of programming, but because I'm such a n00b in it and i still have to learn everything I need some help.
    I read the HUGE plugin tutorial, and watched some vids, and I covered the basics.
    But I don't know enough to make the thing I have in mind.

    I simply need something that a world guard thing can do too.
    What I mean is I need to know how I can use a simple tool (also configurable if possible) to define an area and save it to a file, and then on demand load it.

    This doesn't mean I'm making another protection plugin(!)
    But if any of you could help me out or better yet, redirect me to a tut that can help me out I'd appreciate it, but I won't be finished once I have this under control, so I might need some more help later on.

    Cheers and thanks for the help!

    Everybody thanks for the help!
    But I need some new help, check comment #19
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    So you mean like the ability to save areas?
  3. I would seriously reconsider, I'd start off easy and just get familiar with the Bukkit interface and then the answers to these questions will be apparent.
  4. Yep

    I did, but I can't find this anywhere, this is my way to learn (I've done this with every programming language since).

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  5. What do you mean you can't find anything?
  6. I mean I can't find any more advanced tutorials or how to go on after the basics.
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    Technically bananachunk does this
  8. What do you mean? (If you're implying that I should use bananachunk to save areas then you didn't understand me right, because I'm not trying to make another save and load plugin, neither do I want my plugin to depend on other plugins.)
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    you could just read the source of bananachunk and/or worldedit (stack and undo command for example). that's what helps me sometimes if i don't know how to do something.
  10. That's exactly what I wanted to do, but I couldn't find any source of these things.
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    You don't need the source...just open the damn .class file directly!
    With just some googling,you could find a ton of programs that do that, right now i'm using JAD decompiler,works great!
  12. Thanks for the tip
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    He doesn't need to decompile it, worldedit is on github and codename_B packs the java files into the jar.
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    yeah, i was just giving a general tip which helped me a lot! :D
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    the sources are often linked in the thread. the bananachunk source is included in the jar.
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    Add emericask8ur on Sype I will guide you through it!
  18. Thanks everyone! But I wanted to do something easier instead, but now I'm stuck with a problem, I don't really know how I could create a block with a tool.

    What i have now is when I have a diamond in my hand and click anywhere, it creates an explosion.
    But what I want is when I click it creates a block at that exact spot and lets say.... 5 blocks in front of it en about 3 to the left of it.

    Could anyone help me out with this one?
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