Need help configuring major plugins. [Perm. Iconomy etc]

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Hagon94, Jun 20, 2011.

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    Right now we REALLY need someone to help installing, configuring and maintaining more complex plugins such as Permissions, Iconomy, LWC, etc. over at my server.

    Anyone willing to help will be given their own special rank that allows them to configure most plugins in game, in addition to a few extra privileges.

    NB! If you want to help out with this, you need extensive knowledge and experience with these plugins and should be able to easely learn how to use other complex plugins. I'd prefer you to be able to dedicate some of your time to this, atleast until It's all sorted out.

    I have sort of a general idea of what these plugins are capable of and what I'd want them to do. It would be swell if you could help me learn using and configuring these plugins myself aswell so that i wouldnt need to depend on others in the future :]
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    I've tried but i suppose it doesn't hurt to keep trying!

    Anyways, It's not just permissions I'm struggling with. Besides it would be very helpful just having someone to help out anyway since there's alot to do and keep track of :]
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