Need coders for a plugin similar to factions

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    Plugin Catigory: Classes/Clans

    Name: Dont have one yet

    What I Want: I want to base this new plugin of of factions in the sense that there is power, but u can use that power for many more things such as money, publicity, and taking over other factions. And just as you can use power in more ways, you can also gain power in many more ways such as completing objectives, and setting tax rates for the factions you take over along the way of your conquest.

    Ideas for commands: None yet

    Ideas for perms: None yet

    also for the time being I am calling these "groups" factions
    being that I dont have a name for the plugin yet.
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    Please read the [READ ME FIRST]. After that, come back, format your post and add much, much more detail. ;)
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    I'm actually in the process of beginning to start making a factions related plugin.
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    Factions foundation

    players can group together in 'factions'
    factions can claim land
    factions can have relationships with other factions
    relationships are {allies, enemies, neutral}
    factions have power
    power dictates if factions can take over other factions
    land relates to power
    factions on territories not under a neutral relationship status have effects to players
    faction chat rooms
    players can only be in one faction at a time
    factions have admins and moderators

    The factions will be fighting factions on the opposing sides

    factions control land, and any land controlled by the factions is controlled by their respective side


    What we add:
    more power features

    pay taxes to their respective sides
    only exist in the sides
    when a faction is taken over, they switch sides

    tax rates
    money accumulates for the side
    taxes configured on a faction by faction basis
    some automatic tax features
    -tax based on how much land they own
    -tax based on how many players are in the faction
    -stuff like that

    2 halves of the empire - civil war
    neutral side (not on a side)
    players can choose to be involved
    -owner chooses the perks for being involved

    server shop (sides):
    buys and sells SIDES stuff
    commands based
    sells everything (configurable)

    server shop (players):
    sells stuff (configurable)

    see above ^
    shops sell things and give discounts depending on the state the side is in

    neutral side:
    relationships are handled on a player level

    factions belong to sides
    empires can only be changed once every n units of time
    pay money to keep sustained
    has a primary faction that is the head
    when a side loses they still fight
    primary faction will be changed if the primary faction is inactive
    economy on a larger scale (player economy and side economy is different)

    side states:
    {attacking, defending}
    states are decided based on their situation (how much land they have)

    objectives: (factions based)
    completed based on what is done to the other side
    -Start your first skirmish (faction vs. faction)
    configurable awards

    level ups
    leves dictate what can be done

    armor levels {light, medium, heavy}

    - creates and repairs armor
    - creates and repairs weapons
    - fights better
    - wear heavy armor (diamond, iron)
    - cooks food

    just some notes for the plugin

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    Why double post? You could've just added ”just some note for the plugin” on the previous post.
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    more exposure
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    Then that'd be against the rules. You're only allowed to bump after at least 12 hours has passed.

    And posting something a few seconds later won't change the exposure...
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    I like the idea. Unfortunately with BorderPatrol, I have no time. :( But if anyone needs some help, let me know!
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    srry didn't know
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    I deleted your other four threads. Please don't make any more.
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    ok i wont

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