Need block protection for 1185, can someone recomend a plugin? (SEC/Admin) like LB,BB etc.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Vaupell, Sep 24, 2011.

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    Rolling out a new generated "mini"-world and want to be able to rollback griefers etc.
    In the pase i have been using plugins like BigBrother and Datalog, but these are not up
    to date.

    Can someone recomend a plugin that is up to date on 1185 and is out now.
    im looking for 2 specifik features.

    1) Identify played editing a specifikblock
    2) Being able to rollback a specifik area from myself and perhaps a specifik player in a timeframe.

    the last plugin i used was Datalog and loved it, unfortunally i cant it working with 1185.
    And it have been "removed" from the plugin list here on bukkit..

    so any suggestions what i should switch to ?
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    I recommend using LogBlock because it is the only rollback plugin that is currently being updated. However, the developers behind BB, LB, and DataLog (Which turned into HawkEye) have all banded together to create one, super awesome rollback plugin that should be coming out "soon" (They said 1 month about 2 or 3 weeks ago). With that said, I recommend that you start using LogBlock or move onto HawkEye because you liked DataLog, however I would keep your eyes pealed for "LogBlawk" when it comes out.
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    I believe he means ''Area protector'' not rollback system.
    If you want a area protector try Towny for non ops.
    For OPS try Alerter it includes also alerting when a player uses a block that you don't want him to use
    also includes Chest / Furnace / Dispenser / Lever / Door protector.
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    He liked using DataLog and his title mentioned BB and LB so I don't really see where you get the "Area Protector Vibe" from. However, you could be right, even though I don't feel that he is asking for an area protection plugin.
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    installed LB and it feels alot like DL thank you Supersam.. works..

    and yea ive noticed they are working on "guardian" and im really looking forward to it. :D
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