Need advice on a plugin to do multi-worlds (like Multiverse)

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Cheesius, Feb 11, 2012.

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    The short, TL;DR version: I want to attach a creative world with an isolated inventory that is easy for my players to travel to and from, but I want them to arrive at the same place relative to their position in the main world, so everyone has their own Creative land that is the same as their Survival land in the main world - And I'm hoping to do this without my having to manually set up portals for each player.

    The longer version: I've been looking around, and while Multiverse seems like it would partly work, it doesn't quite do what I want - which is to work more the way travelling to and from the nether works, but maybe with a 1-1 world scale ratio (as opposed to the 1-16 scale that I think the nether has). Also I want it to be easy for the server players to use without my having to manually set up paired portals for every user's land, both in the main world and in the creative world.

    I want this creative world avaliable to do test builds or just for creative building fun, but I don't want it to be used as a way to circumvent having to travel from point a to point b - we're not trying to set up waypoint teleportation or portals to allow people to go anywhere, I just want users to be able to easily travel directly to and from that world, but be in the same place relative to where they were in the main world.

    Our server is running relatively "normal" in that it still has a nether that people can access, and I don't want to replace the nether with this creative world (that would certainly be the easiest way to do this), I just want to add this creative world people can use. And as I mentioned earlier, It also needs to be compatible with some sort of inventory isolation plugin like the Multiverse-Inventories plugin.

    Anyway, any suggestions or advice would be appreciated, thanks for taking the time to read this.
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    Download Multiverse-Core and create all the worlds you want. Then grab MultiInv and set it's sharing to only share between your main world and your nether world. Then open the worlds.yml file in your plugins/Multiverse-Core folder and change the scale ratio for the nether to be 1. While you're in there, change the game mode of the creative world to read SURVIVAL. Once you've done that, download Multiverse-NetherPortals and /mvnp link nether WORLD1 WORLD2, then /mvnp link nether WORLD2 WORLD1. What that does is links all nether portals in WORLD1 to WORLD2 and vice versa. Once you've done that, grab Multiverse-Portals and set a portal to go to the creative world and vice versa.

    If you need any help with the above steps, feel free to post here again.
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    Won't that effectively remove access to the nether? Maybe I'm not understanding, but it sounds like you are asking me to replace the nether with my creative world?

    And I'm unsure how this will allow my players to easily create passages to the creative world - it sounds like you're saying I would then still manually create each portal once I'm done.

    I'm sorry if I sound dense, I'm just trying to figure this out.
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    Oh, you want people to be able to make custom portals to the nether.......Hm......

    I'm not sure of a quick and easy way to allow players to create their own portals to both nether and creative. You could try redirecting the nether portals around a bit to make a chain, but it'd be a bit confusing for the players. Let me do some digging....
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