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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by DududoesMC, Dec 31, 2018.

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    Plugin Category: Teleportation
    Minecraft Version: 1.8-1.8.8
    Suggested name: RandomTP

    What I want: To start off, I'd like the plugin to be as customizable as possible which I will elaborate on. The plugin can be similar to WildTP (it can be used as a good foundation) so it will have all the features of max co-ordinates and costs to teleport. The main feature that NEEDS to be part of it is a feature which allows it to only teleport you within the world border. Since I am hosting a factions server I have an averagely sized world border so messing with the max co-ordinates is quite difficult. Another secondary feature is that a player can choose which biome they want to go to for an extra cost (customizable) and if there is none within the teleportation range it will give them a message (also if a player chooses a biome, make them type a confirm command).

    Ideas for commands: /wild, /wild (biome of choice) and /wild confirm
    Ideas for permissions: wilderness.selectbiome (the rest are allowed for anyone)

    When I would like it by: Whatever is at your earliest convenience
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    I have a plugin somewhat already like this. Ill tweak it and post it when everything is done. I honestly only need the currency part of the plugin. Since this post does not mention if you are using the world border from minecraft or the plugin worldborder i am going to assume minecraft. I already have the plugin hooked up to the minecraft worldborder. And teleporting to biomes fast is also already implemented.
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    Thanks for the response, for the currency I’m using $ in essentialsX and vault. And yes I am using the minecraft world border
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    Here is the link:

    The only thing you need to know is how the plugin finds the biomes. When you first start the server the plugin will find biomes starting from the world spawn and out. After finding all the biomes it will save all of them in the config. You can change how far it goes out and how many blocks it skips.

    In the config, default settings:
    Points: 128 - It will go out 128 points each direction and skip 64 blocks every time. You can change that with BlockDistance

    BlockDistance: 64 - Will skip 64 blocks each time when searching for biomes.

    With this It takes my server only 2 seconds longer to startup. The Less block distance and more points, the more biomes the plugin will find. The plugin will skip any biome outside the worldborder so when someone teleport to a biome they are in the border

    The wild command gets a random number from the Distance value in the config. If players are too close to the border, more than and likely they wont teleport and the plugin will tell them that.

    All messages are configurable and i added support for color codes and placeholders.

    Cost in the config is for the wild command and BiomeCost is the cost to teleport to a biome.

    If any bugs or questions just message me :)
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    Hey there! I tried to put the plugin in and the config seems set up, but there are no biomes in the config and also the /wild command in game gives the error message "An internal error occurred while attempting to perform this command" no console logs or error.
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    Re-download the plugin from the same link, Delete the config file, I am also using Vault 1.7.1-b91
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    Sadly it still is not working, they do the same thing.
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    Everything works for me. What version of mc, and vault are you running?

    EDIT: Found the problem! I made the jar with spigot since that is what i had on hand but when i tried running it on craftbukkit it gave me error because i imported something wrong. But i just tested it and it works. Re-download. And delete the config
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    I am running Bukkit 1.8.8 and the latest version of vault.
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    The new jar is at the same link. I explained what happened above. Silly mistake :)
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    Thanks for the help, the plugin is working great. I really appreciate it! <3
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