Need a simple PvP party plugin

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    Hey Bukkit Plugin'eers of the world!. Ive noticed your really good with plugin development, is there any chance you can make a simple plugin for me? Thanks.

    This is for my server Vanilla Realms.

    To have a party system that allows other players to join a PvP party.
    You cannot harm these players who are in the party. Please also be able, in the config to set a max amount of people in a party, thanks so much! Also the invitation only lasts 20 seconds. (Please dont mind the random spaces)

    Colour codes aswell so its not just white.


    /party create: creates party
    /party invite [player name]: Invites a player to party
    /party leave: leaves current party
    /party join: joins party invited to

    Alias commands:
    /p c: creates party
    /p i [player name]: invites a player to party
    /p j: joins party invited to
    /p l: leaves current party
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    So the idea is to make Clans that Cant PvP People who are in the same clan as them?
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    Already made. sorry xD

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