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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Daxxus, Jan 10, 2017.

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    Hey there,

    I am setting up a server, and am looking for a rankup plugin. I have found many such as EZRanks, Rankup, PEXRanks, PrisonRanks etc but they do not have the functionality I need.

    They work like this:

    [Rank1] (Default Rank)

    What I need, is a plugin with multiple ladders. I need [Member] to be able to choose from a set of 4 ladders to rankup into. For example I could choose to go [Warrior], [Builder], [Scout], or [Merchant]. From that rank, they would be able to /rankup to the next rank in that ladder. Like so:

    [Rank1] (Default Rank)

    [Ladder1 Rank2]
    [Ladder1 Rank3]
    [Ladder1 Rank4]

    [Ladder2 Rank2]
    [Ladder2 Rank3]
    [Ladder2 Rank4]

    [Ladder3 Rank2]
    [Ladder3 Rank3]
    [Ladder3 Rank4]

    [Ladder4 Rank2]
    [Ladder4 Rank3]
    [Ladder4 Rank4]

    I dont care how you rankup into the ladders, wheather its /rankup [rank] (as long as you can see the choices), a sign, or a villager. I have also tried the plugin RacesAndClasses but it didn't work the way I wanted it to. Does anyone know of any plugins that would support/allow this? Free would be preferential but if needed I can get a premium plugin.
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    @Daxxus, well, there's a major issue with this, it would be permissions plugin specific because of the way Vault handles permissions. What permissions plugin are you using?
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    make the groups. then use permissionsex and a rankup plugin. Then u use BetterAlias to make an alias like:
    Player enters: /iamawarrior then the console does /pex user <user> group add warrior
    the spoiler shows what would be a good config for betteralias:
    the second commands are only if you want players not to be able to change the class when they already have chosen a class
    YourServer\plugins\BetterAlias\aliases.yml (open)

    permission: class.warrior
    - console /pex user !name group add warrior1
    - console /pex user !name group remove HasToChooseClass
    permission: class.farmer
    - console /pex user !name group add farmer1
    - console /pex user !name group remove HasToChooseClass
    permission: class.builder
    - console /pex user !name group add builder1
    - console /pex user !name group remove HasToChooseClass
    permission: class.merchant
    - console /pex user !name group add merchant1
    - console /pex user !name group remove HasToChooseClass

    IMPORTANT: make sure to use enough spaces as it else it won't work.
    you will have to give the permission betteralias.class.* to the group HasToChooseClass
    then they have chosen a class.
    now if they want to rankup u can use PexRankup
    YourServer\plugins\PEX-rankup\config.yml (open)
    #===============================================[ Notes ]================================================#
    # name: PEX-Rankup #
    # author: Hid #
    # version: 2.3.5 #
    # notice: This plugin will work with both Java 7 and 8. #

    prefix-enabled: true
    prefix: "&4Rankup &8// &7"
    no-permission: "&cYou do not have permission to execute this command."
    improper-usage: "&cImproper usage. Proper usage for this command: /rankup | ranks | setrank <player> <rank>."
    invalid-sender: "&cInvalid sender. This command can only be performed by a player."
    player-offline: "&cThe specified player is currently offline."

    last-rank: 'merchant4'
    last-rank-message: "&cYou already have the last rank."

    not-enough-money: "&7You need &c${cost} &7to rank up to &c{rank}&7."
    player-message: "&aYou have successfully ranked up to {rank}."
    broadcast: true
    broadcast-message: "&c{username} &7has ranked up to &c{rank}&7."

    rank-list: "&cHere are all the ranks and their costs:"
    rank-list-format: "&4 {rank} &7- &c$&7{cost}"

    setrank-invalid-rank: "&cThe specified rank is not in the rank ladder."
    setrank-success: "&7You have set &c{username}'s&7 rank to &c{rank}&7."
    setrank-received: "&7Your rank has successfully been set to &c{rank}&7."

    scoreboard-next-rank-none: "N/A"

    execute-commands-upon-setrank: {}
    execute-commands-upon-rankup: {}

    warrior1: -1
    warrior2: PRICE
    warrior3: PRICE
    warrior4: PRICE
    farmer1: -1
    farmer2: PRICE
    farmer3: PRICE
    farmer4: PRICE
    builder1: -1
    builder2: PRICE
    builder3: PRICE
    builder4: PRICE
    merchant1: -1
    merchant2: PRICE
    merchant3: PRICE
    merchant4: PRICE

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