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    Hi! I'm going to say thanks in advance for reading this.

    Well, I'm looking for a bukkit plugin that can do this:

    If you leave the spawn, you can't go back in, it won't let you. So let me make a small scenario.

    Player 1: Goes to spawn and pvp's player 2
    Player 2: Player 2 tries to go back to spawn and they can't because I have the plugin <insert plugin name here>

    I really need a plugin like that!
  2. And when player 2 dies, he respawns? Player 1 still can no longer enter spawn?

    Am I correct? I have some free time to make this with VariableTriggers for you
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    Thanks for reading this.

    Let me tell you.

    So if someone leaves spawn, They can't enter back unless they do /spawn.
  4. Ok, I will get started
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    Wow thanks :D
  6. Please give me the coordinates region of your spawn so I can make the AreaTriggers.yml.
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    Well the top east point of spawn is this:

    X: -608
    Y: 68
    Z: 750

    Then the bottom west is:

    X: -470
    Y: 68
    Z: 621
  8. What is the top and bottom Y-coord?
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    The Y coord is the height from Bedrock to where your block is.

    So mine is 68 blocks high from bedrock to the 68th block
  10. I have no clue what you are saying. Please send me your servers IP via PM
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    I'll rephrase it.

    The Y coord is altitude.

    P.S: My server is currently whitelisted for development. Sorry :(

    "Altitudeis commonly expressed as a number defining the distance in layers above the base of the game environment, which is layer zero (0). Sea level is recognized as layer 62 (i.e. altitude 63), and the top of the game environment is layer 255 (i.e. altitude 256).Cloudsappear halfway between the two at layer 127.
    More specifically, the bottom face of the bottommost bedrock block is at Y-coordinate 0, and the top face of the highest block that can be placed is at Y-coordinate 256. The player can press F3 to see the Y-coordinate of the top face of the block on which they are standing or of their eyes, with the player's eyes located about 1.6 blocks above the layer on which the player is standing. For example, a player standing on a shore of an ocean will see the Y-coordinate of their eyes as approximately 64.6."
  12. I am stuck on making this with VariableTriggers. If another developer would like to make this into an actual plugin for him, go right ahead. I am stuck with the WorldGuard regioning and AreaTriggers to only let "members" of the WG Region enter. Sorry to crush your dreams, but I am unable to make this for you. I guess this is one of those 10% of plugins that can not be made using VT. Sorry man
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    It's fine. But thanks for posting :D

    Can someone make this for me? Please. I really need it for my server!
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    Use worldguard. with the flags entry:deny and exit:allow. i can write it for you if you don't want to use worldguard.
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    Much more than 10%...
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    Can you make this plugin? I'll be happy

    This just made it so no one can enter spawn, or even move at spawn. I need it so that people can move in spawn, but then when they go to wilderness they can't go back into spawn unless they do /spawn. This is kinda like a border.
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  18. This depends how much you think "much more" is. Maybe like 15%
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    I agree... I think a pkuging for this is overkill... Why not use worldguard and just turn PvP off in spawn?

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