Need A Factions Integrated Plugin (Read For More)

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    Plugin Category: Factions/Clans

    Plugin Name: My Personal Factions Claimer

    Hello BukkitDEVs,

    So I needed a plugin that is factions oriented. I do not want this plugin to be released to the public but as a private thing for myself.

    -I want the following done-
    A new factions zone that can select various chunks at once based on the WE //wand
    I want the zone to be called "Claimable"
    Then, whoever currently owns the claimable,(Let's say Faction A), can get that "Claimable" taken from them. Example- Faction A owns "Claimable" building. If there are a minimum of 2 Faction A members on, the land can be captured if at least one Faction B member is on any of the "Claimable" building chunks, once one hour passes the "Claimable" land will belong to Faction B. If all Faction B members die while on the "Claimable" land and they have not yet claimed it, the timer resets to one hour. "Claimable" land cannot be claimed if less than 2 members from the current landholder's faction are online.

    Commands: /f claim claimable
    Permissions: Whatever you think fits.

    Thanks, if you have more questions please contact me.
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    Um, if I were to make this, I would make it public, something like this is not good for private use, unless it involves $$ which is illegal on bukkit
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    Alrigh, PM me.

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