Necrocraft! - A new development team! Welcoming n00bs!

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Liam Allan, Aug 21, 2011.

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    the fact that you got mad at me because of your little experience is the main point.
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    No? O_O.
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    I was interested in this until I saw that there were 30 posts and around 10 by the original poster and I still don't know what this team is planning on doing other than "making cool plugins and having fun". With a good looking first post like you had I was really hoping for more, like perhaps and idea for a first project??? Or even something that says "we have an idea for a first project". At the moment it seems like you are just trying to get people to be in a team so that you can say that you are team leader. I'm not trying to flame but I was really hoping to get more information about your team from your thread.
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    Liam Allan

    We are making a plugin that makes a house around you when you type a command :D
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    Currently we are creating a plugin for generating houses something to get to know eachother better as a team then we might move onto something a little bigger.
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    I look forward to seeing it.
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    Liam Allan

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    I regret choosing your suggestion now :(
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    All I think of now when I see this is "Necrophiliacs" :/
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    :) yh the team is dead faded to the undead. I hate @Shamebot now for this suggestion you curse you shame curse (falling echo)
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    lol i would love to see the orginal post, screens please to me :D

    And yeah i would love to join a dev team which leader likes microsoft enough to steal there logo + name, and which writes "Welcoming n00bs!" into there title, and which creates more than one thread about the same...

    No just joking :p
    i wouldnt even use youre plugins when i know a bunch of united noobs created em -.-
    Think about the poor server owners, they dont know if there plugins are totally crap or not ...
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    Your problem if you take me serious.
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