Necessary Plugins for a Kit PvP Server?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by busterroni, Nov 5, 2012.

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    I'm considering making a Kit PvP server, and I've made a list of what I think are some necessary plugins for this type of server:

    •World Edit
    •Some kind of quick soup plugin
    •Some kind of kit plugin
    •Buycraft [(or some donation plugin) for donations]

    I feel like I'm missing some things... What else do you guys think I need?

  2. WorldEdit: Outdated on Dev.Bukkit pages. Gotta get the nightly (developer) builds from
    Quick Soup: AutoSoup
    Kit: BattleKits
    Buycraft (Imo, the best):
    Essentials (For admin use)
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    Thanks, but is there anything else that you think I'm missing?
  4. Just to let you know, BattleKits does support the soup stuff. I know np98765 added it in, but it might not be available on BukkitDev yet.
  5. busterroni
    We're working on a more functional soup control aspect of BattleKits. You will be able to toggle insta-drink (right-click to instantly drink), as well as the option to change whether soup fills your hunger bar or your health bar.

    I'd also recommend a plugin such as AntiCheat or NoCheatPlus.
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    np98765 Would you know a insta soup plugin that works with BattleKits
  7. I need a better soup plugin aswell.
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    Sick, but where there also be an option about whether you want to fill health or hunger first? Because some plugins have hunger first, and this can be annoying because when you're running from a fight, you lose hunger but you want to fill your hearts. Some people would want hunger first though, so a toggable option would be awesome :)
  9. I think this has already been done.

    BattleKits already does this. If you don't want to wait for the next version to be approved, check the Jenkins:

    If you want to ensure everything is safe, the source is automatically included in the JAR (Jenkins does this, and I have no way of tampering with the code).
  10. Anyone know a good soup plugin? I have my own custom-coded Kit plugin.
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    Do you own a server?
  12. Well, if co-owner counts, + I have Console access. The owner just pays for it.
    But I do run a server, it's not KitPvP though.
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