NBT Data of Dropped Shulkerbox

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by GamerXD8991, Sep 15, 2019.

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    It's my first post so please let me know if anything is missing.

    I want to make a plugin that sets the NBT of the dropped entity to
    age: - 32768

    My problem is that when I do exactly this the ItemStack drop has the property but it still despawns.

    I do this by using NMS to copy the item and then extracting the NBT (which ONLY contains the items stored in the box) adding the age tag and the integer with

    NBTTagCompund c = getTag(drop);
    ItemStack dropNew = setTag(drop, c);

    As I said this all works and the NBT is added to the dropped item. I then clear the drops of the BlockBreakEvent e and then add the new drop

    Still the box despawns.

    Did I do something wrong? Is a Shulkerbox handled differently than other items? Or is it because I run this plugin on a spigot server?
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