Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Klausar, Feb 5, 2012.

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    That plugin (which is mine, the NaturalHumans) cannot be fixed or updated, it relied on a mob that Notch removed in the 1.8 update, sorry.
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    Oh I didn't even notice that notch removed them :( Well in this case at least the NaturalGiants plugin needs to be updated.
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    A friend of mine had a plugin for this. jeroende2e
    Are you still having it?
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    There are a few plugins out there that can vary spawns and you should be able to add giants into the mix. If nothing else, my plugin OtherMobs is a work in progress that will eventually let you add giants with fire attacks into your worlds. OtherDrops (I actually used to use it with Natural Giants because I wanted a mix of different drop chances) can let you modify the loot table of any/all mobs (and blocks).
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    Hello, can't you use some code from citizens? They spawn humans, and maybe you can let the ''NPC's'' aka humans walk by letting them ''tp'en'' litle by little???
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    Okay, but that's completely different then what that plugin did, heck, why don't you just use citizens then?

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