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    1. NameColour (I don't want a nick name so don't put essentials)

    The reason I don't want a nickname is because this is a donator command and I don't want them to change there name, just there name colour. The command they use is /colour <colour> or /color <color>. The permissions would be Namecolour.colour.aqua,, and so on. They can also check what colours they can chose from by typing /colors or /colours (Everyone can do that by default).

    Also mrCookieSlime please don't suggest your plugin as I don't want it to override the prefixes.

    *I'm not being rude but don't suggest plugins unless they are exactly what I requested for as this is a simple plugin to make (or should be at least)
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    I'm working on it for you. Give me around 15 minutes. :)
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    Ok thank you :)
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    You could have done mine :(

    Couldn't you use ColorMe? It does the exact same thing, you select a colour for yourself, it works with prefixes and suffixes from your permissions plugin and also works with EssentialsChat/HeroChat.
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    HunterGPlays I could but it doesn't have exactly what I requested for
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    Ok my computer literally died on me, I've posted this on my phone now. I'll try get it done if it fixes itself..Incredibly sorry.
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    ErraticServers Also what do you mean there displaynames or tablistnames or names over there heads?
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

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    Or all of them?
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    nverdier xepisolonxx 17xDillz1997 There display names, not there nametag or there tablistname. If any of you could create this by tomorrow I would be very grateful.
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