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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Teethdude, Mar 27, 2013.

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    I'm looking for the type of plugin that would allow members to have a set color over their heads.
    Like an Administrator will have a Red name over his head

    Example: i'll have Teethdude in red Over my head in game
  2. TagAPI if you JUST want to change the color.

    Look for some 1.5 scoreboard stuff if you want to add stuff before/after the name. (Like prefixes/suffixes)
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  4. Tag API is for Developers.
    NameTag(API) is for both developers and server owners.
  5. Yes, and when you go on:

    You can see a list of supported plugins :)
    Easy to chose one ;)
  6. I know. But thats more time... And more effort, why not just use 1 plugin :)
  7. Because I don't use TagAPI personally and therefore know no plugin by name that uses it :p.

    I would have linked him directly, but that means more work for me that he can easily do by himself :DD
  8. Heheheh, lazy peeps we are.
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    it would be better if i had something a little more up to date
  10. 1.5 is not up to date enough? lol
  11. NameTag is up to date...
    I added support for it within 1 hour of the first dev build release.
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    supply me with a link to it, there are so many of them on here i don't know which one it is.
    I was getting erros like no tomorrow when i installed it and none of its commands worked, they all gave me errors as well

    Side Note: The commands were put in under as an OP
  13. there are 2.

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    Do you have TagAPI added to your server as well?
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    There are both the issues right there. no one said i needed a second plugin, and i was right about the incompatibility

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