N00b question: how to force restart/quit/save?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by highwisdom, Jan 25, 2011.

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    Title says it all...

    What, if any, are the default commands for forcing a save/restart/quit ?

    Either from the console or ingame commands is fine, but right now /restart, /quit, /save...all do nothing...so the only way to close the server is to kill the process (X it out in windows). Doing so doesn't save before closing.

    Surely we don't need plugins for this?
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    In Console:

    save-all - to force a save
    stop - saves and stops gracefully

    not sure about restart

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    You know your questions have all been answered a million times before on these forums, right? I'll answer it one more time, but next time I'm releasing the wolves.

    When accessing server commands from the Minecraft game client, you need the /# in front of the command. For example: /#save-all forces a save. /#stop stops your server.

    From the server console itself, you do not need the /#. For example: save-all forces a save. stop stops your server. If these commands do not work as I've described, you are running a really old build of CraftBukkit and you should update.
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    I did check the support forums, and even did a general 'server restart' and 'server commands', 'console commands', but nothing useful came up given the insanely vague nature of those terms. Even looking at the Bukkit wiki was useless as there's no list of server commands anywhere. I'm running CBukkit 137.

    The trick was that I was putting a / in front of the command in the console window. Removing the slash works, thank you.

    Since we have plenty of newbie friendly guides on how to download/install/setup a server, there should be a sticky somewhere including a list of all the built-in Bukkit server commands, and also describing how to do these very basic things.
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    The first page at the time I responded had 2 other threads talking about server commands, hence the wolves comment.

    CraftBukkit isn't released yet, and has no server commands that aren't already in the vanilla Minecraft server. Type help to see the commands.
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