MythicMobs Help With Config D:

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Chryso24, Oct 1, 2014.

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    Im About To Open A Server I Got Everything Ready But Im Stuck On MythicMobs Plugin Can Someone Make Me The Config ? No Matter How Many Videos I Watch I Cant Get IT......

    If Anyone Has The Time I Need Someone To Create A Boss For Me:

    Drop: (An Rpgitem Called Tester)
    Skill Knockup 5% Chance
    I Want It To Give The Reward To The One Who Dealt The Final Blow

    Please If Someone Can ,, I Dont Know If Im Asking A Lot Thnx For Your Time Im Desperate D:
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    Chryso24 The plugin development section is for help with people making their own plugin, not needing help with someone else's. Additionally, Please Don't Type Like This Because It Makes It Harder To Read, And My Internal Voice Reads Each Word Individually. It's Really Rather Annoying But I Can't Help It When Each Word Has Its Own Capital. Surely It's Just More Effort To Type Like This Anyway?
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    Oh :/ .
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