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Discussion in 'Plugin Help/Development/Requests' started by SlickSlender, May 9, 2015.

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    Category: Economy

    Suggested Name: MysteryKeys

    What I want: I am looking for a plugin that will have chests that act as crates. You can get keys from a command (see commands) to use them on the crates for a random reward. You can view the crates rewards by clicking on the crate without a key. On some servers, these types of crates have holographic messages above them, which is not needed. You can use the config or in-game (preferably in-game) to create a crate and it's rewards.

    A crate = chest renamed specifically with the name of the crate colored so no duping can be done.
    A key = redstone torch renamed to the key.

    Note that I know there are other crate plugins out there, but they don't have the features I am interested in.

    /mysterykeys help - Shows help page.
    /mysterykeys create (name of crate) (color) - Create a crate with a specific color.
    /mysterykeys add (name of crate) (item or command) (the actual item id or the command) (chance in percent out of 100) - Add rewards to the crate.
    /mysterykeys key (name of crate) (color) - Change the color of the name of the key.
    /mysterykeys crate (name of crate) - Gives crate to inventory.
    /mysterykeys key (name of crate) - Gives key to inventory.

    So, let's say I wanted to make a crate called "Voting" with a 20% chance of 1 diamond and 80% chance of iron.
    I would first do /mysterykeys create Voting AQUA (or whatever color you want).
    Then do /mysterykeys add Voting item diamond (or if it requires only ids) 20.
    After that do /mysterykeys add Voting item IronIngot 80.
    Let's say I wanted to make the voting key green. I would do /mysterykeys key Voting LIGHT_GREEN.
    Now, I would type "/mysterykeys crate Voting". Since we set the crate color to AQUA, we would get a chest renamed to this:
    Voting Crate
    You can then place the crate down.
    To obtain a key, you type "/mysterykeys key Voting". Since we set the color of the key to LIGHT_GREEN, our key is renamed to:
    Voting Crate Key.

    Ideas for permissions (if a plugin isn't listed here, it has none): - Ability to show help page.
    mysterykeys.create - Ability to create a crate.
    mysterykeys.add - Ability to add rewards to crates.
    mysterykeys.key - Ability to change color of a crate key.
    mysterykeys.crate - Ability to give a crate to your inventory.
    mysterykeys.key - Ability to give a key to your inventory.

    When I'd like it by:
    As soon as you can. For a real date, within the month of May.

    Thanks :)
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