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  1. My boss said that I need to switch from a configuration file to a MySQL database. I have the server set up and everything, I just can't seem to find a tutorial that will help me. So a video tutorial will be awesome, but another thread will be ok, but it has to be detailed.
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    This should be a sufficient resource that you can use, make sure you understand what is happening before you jump into actually using it ;).
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    Why does he say you need that? That is a lot of extra work to implement, for often not very much gain.

    You'll also have to learn SQL itself, and learn a little bit about database theory to set up a correctly working database.

    I can provide example schema if you tell me what the database is for, because that's likely the most difficult part.

    Also, don't run SQL queries on the main thread, it will hang the server for an indeterminate amount of time, also do yourself another favor and don't go anywhere near the forum thread that @ShadowWizardMC linked, it'll get you into a world of hurt.
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