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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by MyLittleWeirdFriend, May 28, 2012.

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  1. Hello everyone i want some help with a plugin
    i tested the hunger arena plugin but /ha join did not worked so i tried then to test the survival games plugin but i could not download it

    things that i need to have in the plugin

    -auto map regen when someone has won
    -a ligtning sound when someone dies
    -easy map setup like warzones plugin
    -easy comand to join like /mlwfh or /mh for mylittleweirdfriendhungergames or something
    -when there is 4 left everyone teleports back to start shall be able to turn of in config
    -when there is 2 left everyone teleports 2 start and a wall so spawns and some mobs so they cant escape also shall be able to turn of in config
    -one spectator mode.
    -one thing that makes everyone unable to destroy blocks except for leaves and mushrooms also turn of able in config. this is the next most important
    things that would be fun
    -like after every 2 death the one who has died and not in the game can vote for who they want to give an item then a random item is given to them.
    like a little food a bow with 5-10 arrows fishing rod or armor not to overpower but something.
    the one who not in could after every 2 death also choose some gamemaker stuff like everytime it comes 3 random things example

    -spawns 3 ghasts randomly
    -3 lava things falls down
    - spawn a enderdragon
    then the dead guys could vote /mh ghast then they vote for the ghasts

    -random chests with random items in it puts out randomly before everymatch

    for now that all
    please help it would be fun
    if yo uhelp you wil lget mod on my server and get some of the donating money that some guys maybe will donate to the server if it is good enough

    if you know something good to add then add that if you want,
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    Wrong forum, you are looking for the plugin request forum.
  3. ok then i post one there 2
  4. I hope the bug reports you created for that issues include more than just "not worked"...
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