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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by _wilson_, May 5, 2012.

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    [diamond] The MyCraft Network[diamond]
    HEY GUYS, Mycraft is looking for bukkit developers to come work exclusivly for our server team. we currently have 2 other developers int the team and we are always looking for more!
    current projects:
    • MyBounce- a sponge trampoline plugin
    • MySlots- a VIP reserved slots plugin
    • MyKits- allows players to make custom kits
    • MyRpg~survival games- huge fully automated huger games plugin (needs help, not started)
    • MyRpg~prison- fully automates prison servers (not started)
    We would love for some more developers to come and help with plugins as we would also to continue makeing our MyRpg plugins, there is a few terms and conditions.
    • these plugins are exclusive to our server (for now)
    • there is no payment
    • these plugins are owned by The MyCraft Network
    • these plugins can only be distrebuted by The MyCraft Network
    we would love for anyone to come join the team and to also bring fresh ideas, just pm me or email us at mycraft.contact@gmail.com
    it dosent matter what your skill leveal is aslong as you have a go!
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    timmy silesmo

    I'm intresed. I'm not that skilled in plugin devolopment yet but i learn pretty fast and what plugins are you intrested in. my skype name is timmy.silesmo
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    I'd like to as well. I sent a PM
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    Locked. Duplicate Post.
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