Mycelium infestation [That grows over grass] [Hard survival server]

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    ====//////////Mycelium Infestation\\\\\\\\\====

    Coder needed.

    Idea: Mycelium is gonna be a virus/infestation where it spreads over grass and dirt
    in a fast or slow pace. The mycelium itself has an ugly texture and that makes
    it perfect for this kind of plugin. The idea is that there shall spawn zombies
    on the mycelium as it is spreading. And that zombies dont burn during day while
    standing on it. This is all to make the server as much challeging for players that
    want it.


    How it can act:

    Spread faster near water(True/false), zombies spawn on it(true/false),

    zombies burn on mycelium during daylight(true/false), zombies walk faster on mycelium (true/false),

    zombies have more hitpoints (config)


    (All configaruble in the config in the plugin folder)

    Player commands:

    /mycelium reload (if bugged)
    /mycelium Remove all (converts all the mycelium in the world to grass or dirt
    /mycelium shutdown (stops the mycelium to spread and zombies to spawn but will start if reload command is used)
    /mycelium help (shows commands)

    Yea thats pretty much it. I think ive summed it pretty much up.

    So if anyone is interested gimme a msg.
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    Awesome :)
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    Sounds awesome!

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