My server loads a new world on restart.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Xelnagahunter, Mar 5, 2013.

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    Each time I load my server it "prepares the spawn" and if I don't have a seed specified it randomly generates a new world file on a new seed. If I specify the seed it just replicates the seed over and over.
    I've tried this with no plugins on the server so I know a plugin is not the issue. I've place gold blocks and upon restarting the server, they are gone even if I input a seed in the file. Inventories, ban lists, op, etc. all stay the same however, just any actual progress in the world is reset.

    I've tried this with 2 different builds.

    I've been changing the bukkit jar file to the name used in the example start.bat, should I be changing the start.bat instead to the full name of the bukkit build I'm using? I've not idea what is causing this and my friends (also running bukkit servers) never heard of the issue.
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    is it actually generating a new world or does it just say "preparing spawn"
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    Is your world named "world"? Or in your, is your default world "world"? this may be the problem
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    It does actually generate a new world each time I log in. Like a said, I've placed blocks and when I reset the blocks were missing, however; my inventory remained unchanged.

    The level's file folder is World and the say the same thing. I just let the jar do it's own thing and it's going haywire.
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    are you using the stop command to stop the server? lol before I knew I was supposed to use the stop command this happened to me I think :)
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    Huh well maybe your world is named "World" with a capital W...idk if it is case sensitive
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    I am NOT using the stop command. Maybe that will fix it.

    SOLVED! Thank you mboy289!

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