My router was unplugged, now people can't reach/connect to my

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by TamaPookie, Nov 27, 2013.

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    A few days ago, I posted a thread about people not being able to connect to my server, but they could before. You can read that if you want more details about my problem here: click meeee. Anyways, I just realized(and remembered :3) that this problem started happening after my router was unplugged because it was moved. I believe this caused the problem. Could it be? If so, do I have to fix or look at something to make my server work again?

    Important note: I did portforward the right way. Also, my server files are fine. I checked them, updated them, deleted some unneeded things, and everything is how it should be in the server files. People just can't connect to my server.
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    That's what a lot of people have told me so far.. my IP is still the same in google, IPchicken, etc...
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    TamaPookie Probably your internal IP address has changed?
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    Most of the time your internal IP will change every time you connect to the router. It wont always be the same IP that you port-forwarded, so you will have to report-forward every time you reconnect.
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    Go into cmd and type ipconfig. Then see if your local ip has changed if so the change the portforwarding to the ip. example:
    Old local ip:
    New local ip:
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    I reportforwarded aftermy router was plugged back in.. I didn't really have a choice of what ip I wanted to use.. here's a screen shot of what I could do.[​IMG]
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    TamaPookie Now make another one called minecraft2 or minecraft3 and do it to udp and port range from 25565 to 25565
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    I already have one made for udp.
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    Well please show me a picture of the main portforwarding.
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    Like others have said.. Your local IP has probably changed. E.G used to be, after router reset it would have assigned you a new one like

    You can actually make your PC have the same local IP by setting up DHCP reservations in your routers settings. This will make sure you computer has the same local IP every time you do something to your router like restart it, unplug it, or whatever.
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    IP's are the biggest things that change when a router revolts. It is best the setup a static IP for your hosting computer. And then use dyndns to make a simple easy address for your players to connect to.

    It may also be required to set the host machines network adapter properties to connect using the reserved ip
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    A good way to prevent your servers local address from changing would be to enable static DHCP/ip reservation for your server and just port forward for it like you did at first. Basically what the the others said :p
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