My project has been awaiting approval for ages...

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by s4mm77, Aug 15, 2012.

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    My project has been awaiting approval for 8 hours now. I wouldn't think that was long if it didn't say "Our administrators will be reviewing your project any minute now".
    In any case, i have made a description, uploaded a beta etc... Am i forgetting something?
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    8 hours is *not* even close to the expression "for ages"... when I saw the title I was expecting something like weeks or months, not hours.

    There are alot of stuff for the staff to review, alot of new plugins and alot of new files every day... and they must open each file and test some stuff out to make sure it's safe, you'll need to be patient and keep working on your plugin meanwhile :p

    If there's something wrong with it, the staff member that saw it should notify you.
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    Ahh thanks, they shouldnt say minutes, i was really worried i had done something wrong >_<
    Wait, does every file have to be approved seperately as well?
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    Yep, they even test it and decompile it.
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    Yeah, like hawk said, they need to take each version of every submitted plugin and check it for malicious code. It helps keep Bukkit very secure, and they do a very good job at it. My first plugin file took about 20 hours to get approved, and another one took about 3. It just depends on how many mods/admins are on and how lazy they are :p
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    Oh swell, thanks all. Haha it looks like my plugin is quite unwanted, well as said, I custom made it for my servers, I really don't need people to want it. It's good though... =P
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