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  1. Hey i recently created a plugin for my network im setting up the name of the plugin is called Rave Armour. Basically you type the command and it will give you leather amour and it changes color. Now my problem is its giving me a error when i try load it on my server. I will provide a snapshot and if you could add me on skype i could send you the server log help would be appreciated Thank you.

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  3. Hey sorry agin thank you for that i never thought of re checking that im now getting another error could you add me on skype so i can explain or show you the error its giving me now. Usually when i make plugins i dont get this error
  4. Sorry about that its saying my plugin.yml is invalid when there is nothing wrong with it i compared it with 2 of my other plugins and nothing i cant find anything wrong with it
  5. Could i send it to you in a pm because this is a private plugin for a network?
  6. InfacraftBuildAndDev No post it here, you are hardly exposing much apart from the package, imports and the class name. You can delete the imports if you really want.
  7. I have fixed my error but thank you for your help it was much appreciated.
  8. I will :D
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