My plugin dont gets approved! :(

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approve my plugin i have already a description with all comands and what they do

  1. idk what that is

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  2. idk what that is

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    the first time i uploaded my plugin on, i uploaded it in the language german, then i got messaged that this isnt allowed and translated all to english, in th edescription is much information about it AND THE COMMANDS. BUT NOW BUKKIT SAYS ME THAT:
    This project has an abnormal status: Changes required.
    Your project requires more information. Please expand on the functionality of your plugin, including its various commands.
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    What it means is, in your description of your plugin go ahead and take a paragraph or two to explain how your plugin works and what it does. Be sure to list the features, the functions of your plugin, and apparently you didn't list the commands along with what the commands do. If there are no commands be sure to state your plugin doesn't have commands.

    Translated to German:
    Was es bedeutet, ist, in der Beschreibung Ihres Plugins gehen Sie vor und nehmen Sie einen Absatz oder zwei zu erklären, wie das Plugin funktioniert und was es tut. Achten Sie darauf, die Eigenschaften aufzulisten, die Funktionen Ihres Plugin, und anscheinend Sie nicht eine Liste der Befehle mit dem, was die Befehle zu tun. Wenn es keine Befehle sicher sein, geben Sie Ihre Plugin nicht haben Befehle.

    If you believe there is a suitable amount of information about it post your description here and I'm sure a few fellow bukkit members would gladly give feedback and get a better understanding of your situation. It could just be pending the new approval.
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    lol768 Retired Staff

    You should have been sent a message when your project was sent back. It's best if you reply to that message if you have any questions.
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