My Bukkit server is invisible

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Danimal, Jun 13, 2012.

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    Before I explain my problem let me fill you in on the state of my Bukkit server. I have a Mac computer and am running the latest build of craftbukkit. I have downloaded several plugins which are (Iconomy, Citizens, Essentials, Chestshop, MCjobs, Essentials Protect, Essentials Chat, Lockette, Dynmap, and Vault. I can launch the server perfectly fine, but no body is able to join. I have tried to port forward by putting your IP in as a URL, but did not work. I have looked all over the internet, google, YouTube, and spent tons of time doing this. I lastly used Port Map to port forward and there was a bit of luck when I put the IP it gave me into minecraft and i could go on my server without using localhost. But the whole point of this thread is that no body can join! NO body can join my server! By the way I do not want to use Hamachi at all so dont even post about that. (NO HAMACHI). The plugins that have been downloaded are all working perfectly accept for Dynmap which I downloaded today, and is not connected to a web server yet.

    Please help
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    Try following this tutorial word for word, it worked for me ;)
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    Dynmap has its own built in server for non-advanced users, it runs on port 8123 by default ( http://localhost:8123/ )
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    I know that but I have not configured it yet, and it will most likely not affect the server

    thanks I will try this out! I've seen this video before, just been discouraged because im on Mac. :)

    Last night I fallowed the guide in the video, but it seems to not work still. I have asked a friend to try and join but still they cant join. I have also configured the Dynmap to use the webserver 10.0.x.xx:25566. I got Dynmap to work and is viewalbe from the internet.

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