Muted- Error: Your voice has been silenced.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Spl1tz, Mar 21, 2013.

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    One of my players has been muted and there is no way for me to unmute him.
    I've tried /unmute, /mute, /unban, removing his player data from couple plugins like Essentials.
    Also he says whenever he tries to talk he gets Error: Your voice has been silenced.
    From which plugin is this?
    Only i can think of and that i'm using thats controls mute are:

    Essentials- I removed the Mute command to give the following plugin the highest priority.
    NoCheatPlus ? - If i remember this has an auto muter for players that spam (?)
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    What other plugins are you using?
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    These are my plugins:

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    Spl1tz If NoCheatPlus has a debug function, try enabling that and see if he gets muted by that.
    If not, try temporarily disabling it. If he can talk after, It's NCP.
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    No NoCheatPlus doesn't have any auto muter feature. If you spam messages or commands then NC+ will cancel them and create a VL which you can check with /npc info PlayerName
    If the spammer still continues to spam messages or commands then NC+ will tempban/tempkick him/her/it for 5 minutes (You can edit this behavior completely with actions in the config). There is also no message that says "Your voice has been silenced." (until you edited the NC+ config to say this)
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    Thanks for letting me know.

    Even though what he stated above i did test this and the player is still muted :/

    Any other ideas?
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    this is not essentials, essentials's message is "you have been muted!"
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    So this is when he is muted. Essentials having priority.

    This is what it says when i use /mute even though server says he is unmuted with /mute but actually not.

    I see a red one and a gold one which i think red is Craftbukkit itself? Like the red welcome message and help text.
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    Spl1tz CraftBukkit does not have a mute function.
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    bukkit has no muting. try disabling plugins one by one till you find the other muter.
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    Any plugin can use the red font... So no.

    Try removing all your plugins and adding them back one at a time. (Or do the half-split & repeat method)
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