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    Name: Music Share

    Category: Fun

    Description: This plugin will be able to take song requests from players, and add them to a custom resource pack. Then when the player's download the resource pack from the server automatically, they can play or shuffle songs, see all the songs available, and make playlists! This would be possible by sending a direct download link for the song, converting it to Minecraft's files, inserting the sound into a custom resource pack, and uploading the resource pack to its original location where the server sends the player's client to download upon joining.

    /music - General help
    /music list <page> - Gets list of all songs in the server
    /music add '<song name>' <link> - Adds that song with the name (to identify)
    /music shuffle - Shuffles music and starts playing
    /music skip - Skip a song
    /music play <name, number on song list, or playlist name> - Plays that song or playlist
    /music back - Goes back to the previous song
    /music remove <song name, number on song list, or playlist name> - Removes that song or playlist (Admin Only)
    /music stop - Stops music currently playing

    • The plugin can either use these commands, or a custom inventory GUI to control everything.
    musicshare.admin - Allows to use the remove commands.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Harrison015 That is a very big hassle to do. Why not get a plugin that uses an external client instead? Then you don't get resource packs of 5 gb big and players that don't listen to the music can just ignore the new downloads each day.
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    timtower I'm trying to avoid the use of an external client, but I will give that a try too

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