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    Based on the Mario Party MiniGame

    Plugin Name: MushroomMixUp

    What I Want: When players click a sign they are teleported to a lobby and when a configurable amount of players is reached the game starts, everyone gets teleported to an arena made of coloured wool.
    After a Grace Period Is Over their inventory fills with a colour of wool that was is in the region you selected for the arena. They will have a few seconds to stand on that colour of wool. Then all other blocks turn to air. If a player doesn't get to the colour in time they will fall and then will be kicked from the game and sent to where they clicked the join sign.
    Over a period of time the gap between the players getting the wool and the fall disappearing decreases and be comes harder to get there in time.

    Player Commands:
    /mixup join <arenaname> [Join A Arena]
    /mixup leave [Leave A Arena]
    /mixup shop [Opens The Shop]
    Staff Commands:
    /mixup start <arenaname> [Forcestarts An Arena]
    /mixup coins <set:add> <playername> [Gives or Sets a Players Coins]
    Admin Commands:
    /mixup create <arenaname> [Creates An Arena]
    /mixup setlobby <arenaname> [Sets The Lobby/Waiting Room For A Arena]
    /mixup setspawn <arenaname> [Sets The Spawnpoint For The Arena]
    /mixup setfloor <arenaname> [Sets the Floor For An Arena]


    mixup.player [Join, Leave And Open The Shop]
    mixup.staff [Start Arenas And Set/Give Coins]
    mixup.admin [All Admin Commands]
    mixup.donor [Receive Double Coins]

    For every round a player survives in a game they get 1 coin and if they win a game they get 25 coins.
    They can buy perks in games such as the ability to respawn in a game or get a speed 2 boost or have a double jump, stuff like that.
    Donors get double coins with the mixup.donor permission.

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    I'll make this. Give me a week or so and I'll have it posted on bukkit dev.

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