Multiworld! Nether! A planet full of creepers!

Discussion in 'Bukkit News' started by Dinnerbone, Feb 6, 2011.

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    Btw, would is be possible to make the World class hashable. Ideally with an id numbers, rather than having to hash a string. This wouldn't even need to be consistent between reboots.

    Ofc, unless there is a massive number of worlds, iterating through them shouldn't be much of a load.

    Actually, even better would be to make Locations hashable (on a block basis). I have an IntLocation class that I use in a HashMap to store portal block locations. This allows fast lookup to see if a player enters a portal.

    Maybe, there could be a BlockLocation class which has valid hashcode() and equals() functions. However, that requires that worlds are hashable. According to the API, the getId function in world is highly likely but not guaranteed to be unique.
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    Is there a possibility to enable plugins on certain worlds or is this left to the plugin devs?
    I like to have very different worlds, with very varying plugins e.g.: No tp in survival world but MonsterHunt and different AnyReg configs etc
    Will there be an plugins folder for every world, or use all worlds the same plugins and the plugin devs have to add a cofig for in wich world a plugin is enabled?
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    Dinnerbone Bukkit Team Member

    I'm going to force the name of a world to be unique, tonight.
    --- merged: Feb 7, 2011 12:12 PM ---
    Plugins are for the server, not for worlds. This is entirely up to the plugin developers to decide which worlds they should act upon, I'm afraid.
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    Thanks for the statement, I'm going to update my plugins.
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    Amazingly well said. This sound like the ideal implementation of multi-world and plugins. My free-build server is going really well but sometimes we all wanna go sword fighting creepers together. It would be great if each world had its own properties and plugins.
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    So you are saying that we should be forced to manually shut down the server entirely, in order to remove one world?

    I would feel better having the default worlds spawn point be the place they get moved to, in the event that this was used and the world was removed by an admin. Just don't let them remove the default world.
    --- merged: Feb 7, 2011 12:41 PM ---
    I am actually thinking about multi-world support for my plug-ins, I just have no idea if there is an interest..
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    Dinnerbone Bukkit Team Member

    If removing a world is even a monthly occurring, you may want to consider another approach to the problem you are attempting to solve.
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    Dinnerbone, you talked about an adventure with "rescue Daisy".
    What do I need to do, to play this adventure ? [​IMG]
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    are you a total derp? it's just a joke. <3

  10. There we go another "Success". Me in the Nether with some Pigmen and another player who used "/goto nether" along with me.

    Note to people who "Can't get it working", make sure you have the latest "Craftbukkit Snapshot" running and that you stop then start your server ;) The "Nether" will auto have a folder created ;)
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    @Dinnerbone Are the worlds loaded in a predictable order? i.e. can a plugin writer rely on server.getWorlds().get(0) being the 'main' world the server was loaded with?
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    I think servers are loaded by plugins right? There is no Bukkit native support for actually creating the new world?

    I think you want an "unloadWorld()" method rather than a remove world function?

    Why do you want to remove worlds? Are you considering something like instancing?
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    Dinnerbone Bukkit Team Member

    The first world, (0), is always the main world. This is guaranteed. Plugin loaded worlds come much later.
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    @Dinnerbone Fantastic, that's a relief. Not that I'm over here trying to write lazy code or anything. [​IMG]
  15. AWESOME!! This is great news!
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    awesome, now i just have to redo some code for the most part
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    Awesome features :D The first feature that make bukkit unique :D
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    Can anyone use the /goto command at any time? Are there ways to put a limit on who can use it?
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    I've sent a tweet to a Minecraft dev about this, hope they implement it!
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    ever think of adding an actuall ban hammer, it would make banning so much easier and quicker
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    the nether world generator seems to crash my server quite often

    but nice work :)
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    Sounds really interesting, though I have a feeling it's going to make everyone's plugins explode
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    How exactly resource intensive is this?

    I guess, heavier than having a single but big world, but lighter than having 2 server running at the same time. Is that right?
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    Dinnerbone Bukkit Team Member

    Indeed. It really depends, in some cases it's little more than just everyone on the same world but spread out.
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    so after updating we can switch in and out of nether using /goto commands?
    does it require the map folder to be named World1? and it creates a nether folder named World2?
    is it cool if the folder is called somthing else? or should i change it back?
    also how does it affect players in game?
    will we be waiting for plugins to add portals like single player or is that a Notch thing?
    Should we worry about map corruption switching back and forth with regularity?

    thanks for making this, been looking for a good way to explore the nether. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
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    What build supports the nether?
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    I'm using build 264 and this works like a charm! The beauty of the way this has been implemented is that actually it doesn't break plugins. Sure some of their functionality goes a little iffy, however things like PrivateWarp, MyWarp and MyHome all still work, you just have to be in the world you want to be in.

    The issue with the test example you gave, Dinnerbone, is that it doesn't remember your location when you change between worlds. However this obviously be the job of someone making a full-fledged multiworld plugin to implement.
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    Unsure if this is caused by DynMap or this build, but when viewing a newly rendered chunk, there is severe image corruption. When you go to that location in game, there are shadows where there shouldn't be (no blocks above the shadows), and random blocks at high altitude.
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    DAISY!?!? Isn't that from yogcast? They go and save daisy? Is it daisy? daisy.. eh? daisy.. yeah??!
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    Disregard my last post, after several tests it is DynMap causing the corruption.
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