Solved Multiverse Portals won't teleport players with default permissons.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Itskevinyoshi, Sep 1, 2013.

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    I use Mulitverse in my server for multiple worlds, and Multiverse Portals to connect them,
    but players with default permissons (Builder rank) won't get teleported through the portals. but players with OP do.

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    Make sure you have the permission for that portal in the permissions.yml
    Well depending on which permissions plugin you use.
    Permission Node:
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    ok i'll do that

    thanks :3
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    Itskevinyoshi You can also try disabling enforce-portal-access in the MV-Portals configuration to skip adding permissions (but disabling it also means you cannot restrict portal access).
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    so is it possible to do this?:
    portal '1' goes to world: 'World' but only admins are allowed to go there, than i just need to give the admin the permisson: -multiverse.portal.access.1
    and another portal '2' goes to the world 'World2' and everyone is allowed to go there so i got to give every group the permisson: -multiverse.portal.access.2

    is that how it works?

    when i do that i can't say that only admins may go through a specific portal?

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    Yeah. In your case you'll need to use permissions.
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    And theres a space between - (node) make sure to have that.
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    @Itskevinyoshi No. In the permissions you put - multiverse.portals.access.2 In the proper group. What afistofirony said, Disable it so you don't have to do the permissions. BUT you have to do - -multiverse.portals.access.1 to disable it. I would recommend just telling your admins to do /MVTP 1. Thank you for your time. (I don't know if - - works in PEX I have GM)
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