Multiverse importing empty worlds

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by MX26, Nov 10, 2014.

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    so, i'm desperate by now...
    so, when i try to use /mv import on any world, it just comes out flat, the worlds are ok in singleplayer.
    same when i copy the level.dat file or even the whole world file, it always ends up as a flatworld...
    tried to just reinstall bukkit and all the plugins, still nohting.
    i don't get any errors, and i never had this before, didn't change anything on the server since yesterday, it just won't work anymore...
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    OTF Catastrophe

    The world MUST have been created with a plugin that creates an empty world, such as CleanroomGenerator. If you are trying to import a world with CleanroomGenerator you do "/mv import (world name) normal -g CleanroomGenerator:."
    Just like that, even with the ":." after it if you are using CleanroomGenerator. If you arent using CG what plugin did you use to create the world?
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    one world was made using multiverse (with the flatworld preset) and the 2nd one was generated in worldpainter
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    OTF Catastrophe

    Oh, I'm really sorry but WorldPainter isnt really a Bukkit associated program. The world that you are trying to import with multiverse, whats that worlds issue? Some things you have to take into account is, did you import the world with the correct variables(/mv import (worldname) normal -t flat)? And the area you may spawn in might not be the exact spot that the buildings in the world are at, possibly you are at the wrong coords?

    EDIT: I actually went on the website and found out how to do it, read about it right here:

    Is Multiplayer supported? How do I put the map on a Minecraft server?

    Yes, Multiplayer is supported. Multiplayer maps are exactly the same as Singleplayer maps. Just Export the world like normal. Then, if you run the Minecraft server on the same computer, just move or copy the generated map directory to your Minecraft server installation directory, edit the level-name property in the file to be the same name as the directory, and (re)start the server. If the server is on a different computer the steps are the same, but you will have to transfer the map to the server somehow, generally by zipping it and transferring it to the server using a program such as Filezilla. Those details are beyond the scope of this site though. Ask your server administrator for the best way to transfer maps to the server, or google the subject.

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    that's what i was doing for the last 6 months, no problem, until now...
    no matter what i do, it always end up as a flatroom, any generator, doing it manually, it doesn't matter, it just ends up flat on my server.
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    OTF Catastrophe

    Then I'm going to take the assumption that the world is currupt, sorry I cant provide any further help. Not Familiar with WorldPainter or really how it works.
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