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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by NikonakaOsho, May 15, 2018.

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    Hello Bukkit Community, I have a problem with my Bukkit server or with the plugins.

    Multiverse Core 2.5.0
    Multiverse NetherPortals-2.4
    world-guard 6.2.1
    World Border

    The server itself is running, but my problem now is the following.

    Mulitvers always creates 3 worlds.
    World Nether
    World End

    But if I want to use a map from a Minecraft Vanilla server, where everything has already been built, I can not use the Nether portals any more and I do not have access to the built-up Nether anymore.

    I just want to continue to use my old world as normal only with the option that I enter the server on a portal world.

    Multivers does not allow that. Can anyone help me there?

    Sorry my english is not so good.
  2. Multiverse allows you to import already created worlds using its /mv import command. You should just be able to import that world.
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    I have found the problem.....import alone dont work for me....i need to splitt the singleplayer map in 3 parts before i can import the map but i am finish ;) Thx!
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