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What should I add next to this?

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    MultiSoup allows players on your server to craft similar soup to mushroom soup. Much like in MCPvP's Hunger Games, you can make Cacti Juice and Chocolate Milk, both healing 3.5 hearts when drank. I have added on Sap Stew and Apple Juice, making it easier for players to get soup.


    Easy to install, just download, put in plugins file, and restart server!
    Soup heals 3 1/2 hearts max when drunk, and is instantly drank.
    Great for PVP and Hunger Games servers
    Apples and Saplings can make Juice/Stew with 1 of them plus a bowl.
    Cactus, Mushrooms, and Cocoa Beans make soup with 2 of them and a bowl.

    Easy to use and install, this makes for better server gameplay and more creative ness when you play. This plugin was requested by many people at the Bukkit Forum, so I went ahead and made it.

    See it in action:
    Go to and connect to my hunger games server to see this plugin in action.

    Download Link:
    Make sure to download latest version!

    Source Code(Version 1.1):
    Contact me before modifying this plugin at all, if you modify without permission from me, I will get your post taken down.
    I forbid anyone to claim this plugin as their own.

    Known Bugs:

    Feel free to donate to my paypal, [email protected]
    This helps me make more plugins!

    Comment if you enjoyed this plugin, and comment if you think I should add more things!
    Download from here....

    Who will use this?

    Anyone?? :p

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    Plugins only really get popular on BukkitDev now :p
    Could you put this on GitHub so I could help you code? :D
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    All there is is the main file xD, which is in a you have skype??? if so msg me and ill add you
    I submitted it to dev so fingers crossed xD
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    Same I submitted mine for the third time and they still havn't sent me anything after a day of waiting :p
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    Dude I can't download it!?
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    Might not have been approved yet :/

    Not sure!
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    Yep, it ain't approved yet.
  8. Nice! :) This should support spout :)
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    What other soups should I add??
    Permissions are coming in the next update, so you can have some users only have some soups.
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    exactly what i was looking for! :)
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    Well first you should put it on GitHub :p

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