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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Snowl, Feb 8, 2011.

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    I created a plugin but can't get it to work on a specific server, but it works on mine. Can people test it?
    Permissions are
    exodusNether.create | exodusNether.goto
    Commands are
    /goto list (lists worlds)
    /goto <world>
    /worldcreate <world> <(OPTIONAL)nether>
    /worldload <world> <---- case sensitive

    To use first create an extra world. if you have another world you want (say SP) then skip creating a world.
    Then /worldload it
    It will then be able to be able to /goto

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    that is amazing! I wish that I could test it out for you now.
  3. Ill be testing this (right now xD)
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    sweet :)
  5. Well its working good so far, haven't had any bugs so far ^^
    --- merged: Feb 8, 2011 3:05 PM ---
    I just noticed that logging off in another world and then logging back in, logs you in in the other world, but does not make you able to destroy stuff, i need to teleport back to normal world and thne again to nether to be able to destroy blocks.
    --- merged: Feb 8, 2011 3:48 PM ---
    Rebooting the server and then loading the nether world in again by using:
    /worldload nether
    will load the nether world but /goto nether wont send me to the other world,
    in addition it keeps me in the normal world and teleports me somewhere
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    The block break issue is a known bug with teleporting.

    I notices that if you use -Xincgc, it can sometimes run out of memory. When I set a max/min, it works. I don't know what the OP's problem was but that could be it.
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    Hmm ill test this out, i actually wanted portals working instead of a command, but ill use what i get
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    I've tested it and works pretty good.
    Only a few things I noticed:
    - First I created a normal world, then a Nether world. Then I wanted to go to my just created normal world. That didn't work anymore. I spawned in my original world.
    - There are clouds in the Nether.
    - Can't use commands or destroy anything for a while after you spawn in a other world

    I think this can be a even greater plugin, so goodluck with your plugin and I hope you think my comment is usefull :p

    (P.s. Sorry for my bad English... They don't teach me English you actualy need to able to use. Lol, I learned most of it from movies and games xD)
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    I have run into a problem. When I first created my hell world and went to it everything went great and i made a portal to get there for the ppl on my server. Now that i have stopped the server once and started it up again, going to hell world doesnt work, from either the portal or using the goto command. It seems like its trying because I get teleported to a specific spot in me normal world, and parts of it start disappearing, but no hell world generates. I am definitely typing the name correctly and the folder is definitely in my server, so not sure whats up.
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    you need to /worldload <world>
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    yes I have tried that but it doesn't seem to do anything. And on the console it says unknown command
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    whoops, you need to put [space]nether when loading a wold, so its like /worldload hell nether
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    Okay cool thanks that works perfectly :D


    I lied, it still doesn't work quite right. I loaded my nether world, and it said in the cmd prompt that it generated the spawn for it. I finally actually went too the other world and its not a nether world, just a normal one.
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    Works great, Worlds take a long time to generate though.
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    This is broken since onPlayerCommand was removed. You will need to update it to use onCommand.
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