Multiple Worlds - Why is it more intensive?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Iroh, Jan 7, 2014.

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    Hello everyone,
    I have heard for a long time that it is server intensive to be running many worlds, but it never made sense to me. I understand that chunks are 'unloaded' when they are not in use by players to save resources. So how I understand it, if the players have no shared chunks, why would the world matter. I made this diagram to explain what I mean.
    What is the difference between example 1 and 2 in terms of server resources?
    - Iroh
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    This may be wrong, but when I've loaded multiple worlds and gone into them, even after I leave, there are still entities, tiles, and chunks loaded near the spawns of the unoccupied worlds. They stay loaded until I stop and start my server again. So, while yes the above is true, within some vicinity of the spawn the chunks seem to be in some capacity still loaded. (Using the /lag command on essentials)
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    So the spawn chunks stay loaded if the world is empty... So is no one in your "pig" world when you did that?
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    Nope. I had loaded it within the minute that the picture was taken and was in the world "Server", but the end world had not had any players for at least an hour. The nether world hadnt been loaded since the last time the server started.
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    Alright so that makes sense, people need to access the world right away, but people always seem to think it takes a ton of resources to run many worlds, but a few chunks doesn't seem to fit with that idea.
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    Yeah, people will always try to find something to blame lag on though :p
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    I haven't noticed that much difference on my servers (with a 'modest' amount of worlds, like 10), but could depend on the plugins involved. I have noticed though with multiple worlds start startup time is slower as it prepares those worlds. But once running it hasn't been an issue that I've seen.

    Note: Indirectly it could cause a problem I suppose if you normally would have multiple players in one area but having multiple worlds you have them in independent areas. That would double the number of loaded chunks but not really specific to having multiple worlds, just having people in independent areas.
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    By default, Multiverse will unload all the chunks, entities, etc., if no one is in the world. Except that it will keep 256 chunks near spawn loaded in order to improve perfomance if someone teleports to the spawn. You can change that option in Multiverse, and your 256 chunks will get unloaded when no one is nearby. See:

    Keep in mind this will cause any redstone clocks in the area to stop running, and they may not restart when the chunk is reloaded. For that reason, I keep the spawn in one of my worlds loaded.

    [Edited for clarity.]
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    This makes sense, and is backed up by my experience with Bukkit and Multiverse. When running a server with more worlds I HAVE experienced more lag issues than running a server with just one.
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