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    I have a big problem :(
    I wan´t to install multicraft for my minecraft Server.

    So. I can visit my Control Panel but I can´t use it
    because the daemon is not active or something else.
    I´m not able to do that cause' this error:
    Cannot execute binary file

    When i use the ldd command next error:
    lld: warning: you do not habe execution permission for /home/craftbukkit/craftbukkit.jar

    Can someone help me?

    Debian Lenny 5.0
    ISPCP installed
    Bukkit Server :p

    I hope you have unterstood my post :) If not write :p
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    Toi t'es Français, non ?
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    I dont speak franz.

    J'ai un gros problème
    J'ai wan't à installer multicraft pour mon serveur Minecraft.

    Alors. Je peux visiter mon panneau de configuration, mais je ne peux pas l'utiliser
    car le démon n'est pas actif ou autre chose.
    Je ne suis pas capable de faire cela parce que cette erreur:
    Impossible d'exécuter le fichier binaire

    Lorsque j'utilise la commande ldd erreur suivante:
    LLD: avertissement: vous n'avez pas la permission d'exécution habe pour / home / craftbukkit / craftbukkit.jar

    Quelqu'un peut m'aider?

    Debian Lenny 5.0
    ISPCP installés
    Bukkit serveur

    J'espère que vous avez unterstood mon message Si ce n'est pas écrire
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    Well well well, no xD. I was thinking you were French but not at all.

    Btw, i've searched on google for you problem but i didn't found anything, and i don't know about Linux OS :p

    Sorry, you're loosing time because of me :'(
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    It´s okay :p It´s very sad because I´m working for 2 hours or more ! On 1 system.
    I´m german ;)

    Friendly regards

    No ideas?

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    I never used MultiCraft or anything like that, but according to the error you posted above:
    Does the linux user running your MultiCraft and the CraftBukkit does have the rights to execute files in these directorys?
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    Hello bassfader,

    Craftbukkit runs @ root and multicraft @ "minecraft1" (Username)
    and multicraft says it while installation which dicts have to be 777 access.

    I have set up the CP again but it dont run any Server :(
    I have set a new daemon id "4" because i think ispcp use
    the daemon with id 1.

    I Will set the rights to 777 and test it thanks.
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