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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Rever, Aug 2, 2012.

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    Could someone pls help me with multicraft. I recently got it and I don't know how to install the newest craft bukkit which is 1.3.1. It gives me the recommended builds but not the 1.3.1. In the settings u can have

    Craft bukkit
    Craft bukkit beta
    Default minecraft server

    When I click craft bukkit and load the server I see that it's the 1.2.5 but I want the 1.3.1 craft bukkit installed someone pls help.

    It does Have FTP access but I don't see the server.jar there.

    Can someone that uses multicraft please help me
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    i need help 2!


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    has multicraft updated to 1.3.1 ??
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    I dunno it's just a bit complicating
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    you download the latest build from and selecting alternate versions. Then they need to go into your JARS folder in your multicraft folder, on your server.

    I;d connect in with an SSH client such as Putty, it basically makes a window of a linux terminal on your windows machine that is directly connected to the actual box. you can use this terminal to type commands to the box and have it execute file operations vital to minecraft. (such as mysqld services for logging plugins and httpd for a webpanel) as well as changing the accessibility or "[permissions]" of a particular file or folder (so your "trusted "admins cant delete your server!)

    you will also need an sftp client like Filezilla to manage your files under your root account on the server box. it haves you a lot more power as to where everything is, and re-configuring and replacing jar files is a breeze. its entirely visual so as long as files are where they are supposed to be, your server wont be a guessing game.
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    thx so much
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