Multicharacter plugin [working iwth Nick Namer and Permissions]

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    So one of the main features today I meet in RP servers is that you can't start over. How would it be, that the player could login into his RP server, choose one of his characters and play the game. If he doesn't have any characters, his first one is made, and to make a new one, he can relog to the server, type in command like /multicharacter choose <character name>. Characters could be seperated with nickname plugins like Nick Namer. But there could be one more feature which i think would be very interesting! So, let's say there are 2 factions, and max number (better to be configurable) is 5. So player makes 2 players that belong to faction 1, and 1 player for faction 2 (+2 free spots are remaining), so he uses his 2 players of faction to play, have fun, do stuff, but when faction 2 is planning an attack on faction 1, he can just change the character and see what their plan is, and tell his own faction. This is where permissions would step in. You can make characters depending on what faction you belong to. So before someone joins the server (that is whitelisted), he chooses faction, admins whitelist him + add a permission node multicharacter.faction1: true or whatever. So that player can only make characters that belong to faction 1. Creating a character name could be simple /multicharacter create <name of your character>.

    I will visit this thread often, so if anyone doesn't get anything, or wants some more info, ask. Thank you for reading.



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