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    At the moment, I believe CraftBukkit, like the Mojang distributed server software, only uses one core. Excepting something something about dump files and such, but that's not too important.

    Now, I'm no expert or anything, but what is stopping CraftBukkit from supporting two, three, or four cores? I'd love to utilize all of my cores to improve server performance. Is it simply a matter of changing the base mechanics would be too much of a b**** to do without lagging behind and not releasing new versions in a timely manner? Is it because it simply isn't possible for some reason?

    It would be wonderful to have CraftBukkit running on all four of my cores. I think my server performance would jump up a good deal, especially once under stress.
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    Pretty much requires rewriting the server from down up.
    Also, minecraft already slowly starts to work toward multithreading.
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    I know it would be a massive project, but then again, what isn't a massive project about bukkit? The rewards would be well worth it, I think.
    But it's up to the dev team.
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    TnT Retired Staff

    This question has been asked and answered numerous times.

    TL;DR: Its far too big of a change for our team to implement and maintain considering we are always playing catch up with Mojang releases. Its not practical for our team to handle this work, it should be done by Mojang.
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    How does starting a small experimental side project sound? It would not drain the developers on working on the main project, and it allows for mistakes to be made, and to be gone at the pace the Bukkit Developers want, and can be contributed to by the community (boy, I sure do hope this doesn't turn out to be like the thread down at DBO Feedback).
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    I had forgotten about this thread, but yeah, that sounds like a good idea.
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    TnT Retired Staff

    Its not just a matter of writing it, its maintaining every single Minecraft update. Adding this kind of functionality, if done right, would be amazing. However, would it be done in a way that just adds seconds to the update process? Minutes? Days? Etc. We have to be careful what we just throw into the CraftBukkit codebase because we have to maintain it, and make sure when Mojang updates Minecraft these changes are included and continue to work as expected. This kind of thing would be covered under our minimal diff policy outlined here. I can't guarantee anything you come up with would ever be possible to include in the CraftBukkit code base, but feel free to try. If nothing else, you'll learn something, which is always a great reward in itself.
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    I'll take it from an expert =P

    Despit what it *could* do, it does seem like something that would totally deviate the focus of the Bukkit project, instead of providing a reasonable extensible framework for accessing the minecraft server, updating performance instead.

    I think it is in the best interests of the bukkit team to continue to do what they are doing, although an intriguing idea, tests need to be done in order to prove the real gain vs maintenance for such change.
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    The current 1.8. snapshot(s) contain experimental changes, like making mob-pathfinding multi-threaded. No idea if that will work fine, but it looks like there will be more such changes in the future.
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