Filled Multi Command Block Fix [Source Included]

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    What I want: I have recently found this plugin and I find it amazing, but it has a few bugs. This plugin allows you to add multiple commands for a single command block to execute.

    Here is the plugin link

    Here is the Source for the plugin

    Bugs with the current plugin:
    The @p and @a is buggy and does not work. Here is an example
    If you would use the command in a command block
    /mcb tp @a -100 100 50#10; say @p is a nice Player#20

    It would not execute tp @a -100 100 50#10

    I have also tried this with Spawn @p and Warp Town1 @p and it does not work

    Also all warping commands do not work

    Ideas for commands: Same Commands.

    Ideas for permissions: Same Permissions.

    When I'd like it by: As soon as you can.

    Even though this plugin is very old, it has amazing potential and luckily the Dev included the source code :D

    I have found a solution to this. Here is what I did
    I used the plugin RemoteCommand
    and I used the plugin MultiCommand

    What RemoteCommand does is it allows you to use a command as someone else, and MultiCommand allows you to execute a list of commands in a single command. So this is how I set up the command block

    First I set up the list of commands I wanted to execute with MultiCommand. After I did that, I typed this in the command block

    /remotecmd @p /muco Test1

    What this does is it allows the closest player to execute the multiple commands set with Multi Command.

    So now you are able to set unlimited commands with a command block! I hope this helps :)

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